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Libya's political transition has been disrupted by armed non-state groups and threatened by the indecision and infighting of interim leaders. After an armed.
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To date, this offensive marks the high point of tensions between the two groups vying for leadership: Haftar and his militias in the east of the country, and the UN-backed Government of National Accord GNA led by Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj in northwestern Libya. In early July, the Tajoura refugee camp, located east of Tripoli, got caught up between the front lines see picture above.

A History Of U.S.–Libya Relations

According to the UN, 53 people were killed in two air raids targeting the camp and some were injured. The UN indicated the attacks could amount to war crimes — an accident could be ruled out since both warring parties had received the camp's geographic co-ordinates in order to avoid exactly that kind of attack. Haftar, however, has rejected any responsibility. The UN Security Council condemned the airstrikes in the strongest terms and intended to emphasise the point with an official statement.

Now is the Time to Stop the Spread of the Islamic State in Libya | Small Wars Journal

That was when the US delegation put its foot down, without providing a specific reason. Such a condemnation from the UN could have been seen as a criticism of Haftar's approach — and President Donald Trump publicly pledged support for Haftar in April. In a phone call between Trump and Haftar on 15 April, the U. When he's dealing with the outside world, Haftar presents himself as a campaigner for a free Libya where extremists have no place.

U.S. undermining

He's the strongman who drives terrorist organisations like "Islamic State" out of the country, the general claims. That is, of course, to Trump's liking. But publicising the conversation with Haftar was an unusual step, as the U. Just a few days before the phone call, U. Trump's friendly phone call has signalled the opposite, namely that Haftar has "been given a green light by the United States to continue.

And that's disastrous," says Jeffrey Feltman. The U. Officially, Russia and France have recognised the Government of National Accord, but according to experts, they simultaneously back Haftar. In addition, several countries in the region are i gnoring an arms embargo which the UN body adopted in Both countries are partners with the US, but the Trump administration has not used his influence to clamp down on those arms supplies. Washington's behaviour had "given a green light to Haftar's regional supporters who are violating the UN arms embargo," says Frederic Wehrey, a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace think tank.

Wehrey, who met Haftar in , believes it's unlikely the general will halt his military campaign without pressure from third parties.

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He believes Libya should be ruled with a strong hand, and preferably under him. Currently, neither Haftar and his LNA nor the Government of National Accord give the impression that they are working toward a diplomatic solution. This is why it's crucial that other countries take action, experts have said.

It needs to be very forceful in holding all sides accountable for their actions on the battlefield. Most importantly, the U. However, he does not believe Washington will apply pressure on its key associates, Egypt and the UAE. In addition, there were important "other regional factors, like the Iran concern.

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Libya Country Brief

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